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The program will be highly interactive giving each attendant the opportunity to discuss with each other and build networks for future collaboration. Three internationally renowned keynote speakers will give talks from different perspectives which will be followed by “creative discussions”. During the discussion we will focus on key challenges in our country and/or our home institutions. Students will take part throughout the program giving their perspective. We encourage you to bring student representatives to the meeting!

The meeting will start Tuesday June 13th at 9.00 and ends Wednesday June 14th so that participants of ProPel have time to eat and walk to Konsert och congress (the venue of ProPel).

June 13th


Welcoming by Dean Johan Söderholm



Interactive presentation of delegates



Health professionals and health in all policies - actions for practice
Health professionals combining care, cure and prevention – utopia or reality



Mr Jim Campbell
The Global Strategy on Human Resources. “New resolution on health workforce and the EURO region is developing a regional strategy on a sustainable workforce”


Creative discussion

Small group interaction



Professor Minna Kaila
”Translating global and local policies into practices”




Creative discussion           Small group interaction

The student challenge               

Creative discussion

What needs to be done



End of day 1


18:00 Dinner

June 14th


Recap of yesterday



Personalized care – the role of health professionals



Miss Brooke Sanderson
“Interprofessional education and practice in diverse community settings: From dementia to the desert.”


Creative discussion

Small group interaction


Enabling plan

How do we go forward?


Next Nordic Meeting


12:00 Outside lunch


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