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Fysioterapeut behandlar ryggsmärtaNordic Back Pain Seminar/Webinar

September 20th, 2018 - Linköping Sweden

Time to pay attention and time to act

The burden of back pain in the Nordic countries; current research frontiers and future challenges.


Interactive conference

If you missed the conference, you can now watch the key-notes and the interactive seminar on Youtube.

Here is the playlist on Youtube with all films


20 sept 2018 in Linköping, Sweden

Back Pain: Time to pay attention and time to act. The global burden of back pain; current research front lines and future challenges

Coffee and registration
Introduction and welcome
Professor Birgitta Öberg and the scientific committee
(Professor Margreth Grotle and Professor Jan Hartvigsen)
Birgitta Öberg Margreth Grotle Jan Hartvigsen
The global burden of back pain and the complexity of the bestmodel of care.
Professor Rachelle Buchbinder
Rachelle Buchbinder    
Best practice and current evidence on promising new directions within the field of back pain research.
Professor Nadine Foster
Nadine Foster    
Chronic Low-back Pain. Susceptibility, risk factors and future research.
Professor John-Anker Zwart
John-Anker Zwart    
Need for further research initiatives and implementation of current evidence. How to move forward?
Professor Antony Woolf
Anthony Woolf    
Interactive Seminar
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Interactive seminar

Online Panel

Bart KoesBart Koes
Erasmus MC,
The Netherlands
Jaro KarppinenJaro Karppinen
University of Oulu,
Han AnemaHan Anema
Institute for Health and Care Research,
The Netherlands
Lise HestbaekLise Hestbaek
Associate Professor,
University of Southern Denmark,

Professors Birgitta Öberg, Margreth Grotle and Jan Hartvigsen, will facilitate an interactive seminar where presenters will debate issues about important and urgent research questions as well as suggestions of need for actions to make health care for back pain patients better. During the debate, it will be possible for people following the conference (both present and online) to pose questions and comment.  

The interactive seminar will be based on the presentations done by the invited speakers at the venue and the Lancet series on back pain. To add to the discussion a panel of researchers will be active with short video presentations, these will also participate in the discussions online.  

The output of the seminar is expected to strengthen the development of effective prevention and frontline interventions for back pain, as well as accelerate de-implementation of ineffective and outdated models of care.


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