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 Lisa Guntram


  • Gender studies; particularly concerning sexuality and health
  • The phenomenology of the body
  • Critical perspectives on normality, medicalization and public health interventions
  • Qualitative research methods


In my research I take interest in issues as sex and body, gender and embodiment, sexuality, normality and meaning-making. These interests also constitute the basis of my present PhD-project in which I explore young women’s experiences of bodily development considered atypical for one’s own sex.  While some girls might find out that they don’t have a uterus or a vagina other girls do not enter puberty as a conseqence of Turner’s syndrome; a condition involving having XO chromosomes and sometime non-functioning ovaries. Overall, the project is intended to explore societal and cultural beliefs and norms about women’s bodies, female embodiment and sexuality. More specifically my aim is to examine how such cultural beliefs and norms are understood, negotiated, questioned and possibly reinforced in these individual's narratives. Furthermore I study how these individuals make sense of and understand their situation and body when bodily development is considered atypical for one’s own sex. Hence, the project is meant to deepen the knowledge of how it could be to experience and live with these specific forms of bodily changes, and to contribute to theoretical discussions on normality, sex/gender and bodily change.

Methodologically, the project takes its vantage-point in qualitative approaches and the empirical data consists of in-depth interviews with about 20 women between 18-30 years of age who have experienced atypical bodily change in puberty. The interviews are explored using a framework of narrative analysis which aims to capture content as well as performative and dialogical aspects of the data. A special interest is directed to how the participants position themselves in their narratives and how they account for their stories.

Research program Bodily Giving and Sharing



Name: Lisa Guntram
Position: Doctoral Student
Department: Medical and Health Sciences
Division: Health and Society

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Telephone: +46 13 285823
E-mail: lisa.guntram@liu.se
Fax no: +46 13 282995

Division of Health and Society
Department of Medical and Health Sciences
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