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Anna Strömberg

Had her dissertation in 2001 at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Linköping Unversity, with the thesis: Caring for patients with chronic heart failure, with focus on patient education and nurse-led heart failure clinics 

Research field: Cardiovascular Nursing

The overall aim for the studies is to develop methods and models for follow up and psycho-educational support to patients with cardiovascular disease and their families and to evaluate their effects on self-care, health-related quality of life, perceived control, survival and health care utilization.

Research questions

  • How do patients with heart failure experience participation in care?
  • How can patient participation be improved through integrated home–care?
  • How are partners of patients with heart failure affected with regard to quality of life and caregiver burden?
  • Does reducing heart failure caregiver burden have a positive impact on family outcomes and patient self-care in heart failure?
  • What impact do telemonitoring, and web-based interventions have on patient and family caregiver outcomes in different cardiac diseases?
  • Which interventions are effective with regard to improving self-care in cardiac patients?
  • How is cognition affected by chronic heart failure and how should patient education be adapted to patients with cognitive dysfunction?
  • How are nutritional intake, body composition and energy expenditures affected by heart failure?
  • What effects can an intervention with support and counceling to prevent malnutrition have on patients with heart failure?

Previous achievements

My main contribution to nursing research is the development and evaluation of nurse-led interventions for cardiac patients and their families to increase self-care. I was part of the initiation and evaluation of the first nurse-led heart failure clinic in Europe. This research has led to implementation of nurse-led heart failure clinics throughout Europe. I have led and participated in a number of descriptive, qualitative and interventional studies in cardiovascular nursing.

Ongoing studies

Heart failure @ home

EU-project with 12 partners, financed by FP7 and co-ordinated by Torben Larsen, University of Southern Denmark. Co-workers in Linköping are Tiny Jaarsma, Kristofer Årestedt and Lena Näsström. The project focuses on integrated home-care in chronic illness. We are responsible for developing and implementing European components for home-care in heart failure. We also evaluate patients' and partners' participation in home-care.

The Heart Failure Dyad-study

A randomized study evaluating long-term effects of follow up of patients with heart failure and their partners. The effects evaluated are perceived control, knowledge, health-related quality of life, depressive symptoms, caregiver burden, self-care, costs and event-free survival.


A descriptive study evaluating the cognitive ability in elderly patients with heart failure compared to age and gender matched controls. Factors related to dementia and cognitive decline in patients with heart failure are explored. Further we are planning to develop new educational models adapted to patients with cognitive decline.


A multi-center study with both a longitudinal follow up of nutritional status and prevalence of malnutrition, and an intervention of exercise and optimisation of nutritional intake.

ICD care

Projects involving ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) recipients, focusing on perceived control, coping, depression and health-related quality of life, patient education, follow up and end-of-life care issues.

Symptom-burden in arrhythmia patients

Studies focusing on the patient perspective of arrhythmia symptoms and how they affect daily life.

Computer-based innovations for patient education and psychosocial support to cardiac patients

Development and evaluation of computer-based innovations to support cardiac patients with heart failure and congenital heart disease.

Instrument development

Development and testing of instruments to measure perceived control, self-care, symptoms, knowledge and disease specific quality of life.

Anna Strömberg's publications in DiVA (publication database)

Other Commitments

  • A longstanding commitment in the European Society of Cardiology working to increase the impact of cardiovascular nursing throughout Europe. I have been the chair of the Working group of Cardiovascular Nursing (now Council of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professionals-CCNAP), a board member of the Heart Failure Association and on the committee of patient care. I am currently on the science committee of CCNAP. I am one of the founders of the European research group UNITE (Undertaking Nursing Interventions Throughout Europe).
  • Development of computer-based educational materials for patients with heart failure together with my former supervisor professor Ulf Dahlström. This CD-ROM program is now translated into 8 languages. The Swedish version is available at Sanofi-aventis. Further I have been part of developing the website www.heartfailurematters.org funded by the European Society of Cardiology, available in five languages and more translations in progress.
  • Co-editor of the scientific journal European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Member of the editorial board of European Journal of Heart Failure, European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, and Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.
  • Author of national and international guidelines for heart failure care, books and book-chapters.


  • Teach on all levels at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Basic, advanced and research education.
  • Teach scientific methodology, cardiac care, self-care in chronic illness and patient education.
  • Part of a group in the European Society of Cardiology that have developed a nursing curriculum for European heart failure nurses.


Anna Strömberg

Name: Anna Strömberg
Position: professor
Department: Department of Medical and Health Sciences
Division: Division of Nursing Science
Research area: Nursing Science

Registered Nurse (RN) 1990
Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science 2001
Associate professor 2005
Professor of Nursing Science 2010

Telephone: +46 13 282859
E-mail: anna.stromberg@liu.se

Visiting address:
Building 511-001
Entrance 75, floor 13
Campus US

Linköping University
Anna Strömberg
Division of Nursing Science
Department of Medical and Health Sciences

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