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Jan Engvall

Cardiovascular flow and function:

Jan Engvall, adjunct professor, clinical project leader
Tino Ebbers, professor, technical project leader
Carljohan Carlhäll, MD, PhD
John Peder Kvitting, MD, PhD
Andreas Sigfridsson, PhD, post doc, research engineer
Petter Dyverfeldt, PhD, post doc
Henrik Haraldsson, PhD student
Jonatan Eriksson, PhD student
Sven Peterson, PhD student
Johan Kihlberg, PhD student
Marcus Gjerde, PhD student 

Impact of myocardial deformation on cardiac remodelling 

Noninvasive analysis of cardiac function gives prognostic information regarding individual risk of remodelling and thereby future cardiac events. Myocardial deformation is the common effect of myocardial fiber contraction. Conventional methods for determining deformation are limited in accuracy. Our hypothesis is that three directional transmural deformation of the myocardial wall will predict positive or negative ventricular remodelling and response to therapy.

Left ventricular deformation will be determined with “DENSE” MRI. Three conditions with remodelling will be addressed: 1. Wall motion and remodelling in coronary artery disease. In a multicenter trial the accuracy of several modalities and parameters used in noninvasive cardiac imaging in patiens with a high likelihood of significant coronary artery disease. 2: Unexplained cardiac enlargement in dilated cardiomyopathy, with patients recruited locally 3: Short term effects of afterload reduction and long term effects on remodeling from transcatheter aortic valve replacement compared with conventional surgical aortic valve replacement. Measurements in different patient groups will be compared with results obtained from MRI-studies of healthy volunteers, subjected to a variation in pre- and afterload. More appropriate treatment decisions and better allocation of health resources can be the result of the improved understanding of the physiology of deformation in myocardial remodelling.

Jan Engvall's publications in DiVA (publication database)

Jan Engvall
Jan Engvall
Position: Adjunct Professor in Clinical Physiology
Department: Department of Medical and Health Sciences
Division: Cardiovascular Medicine

Licensed to practice medicine 1980
Board certified in internal medicine 1986
Board certified in clinical physiology 1991
PhD 1993
Postdoc Stanford 2001-2002
Associate professor 2002
Adjunct professor 2011


E-mail: jan.engvall@lio.se 

Visiting address:
University Hospital
Entrance 7, floor 12
Campus US


Clinical Physiology
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Department of Medical and Health Sciences

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