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Eva Nylander

Eva Nylander's research deals with the adaptation of cardiac function, normally as a consequence of athletic training, and in disease states as valvular or heart muscle diseases. In several studies, the heart function is studied not only at rest but also during exercise, which may provoke subtle abnormalities that are not apparent at rest.

Research areas:

Normal heart function and it's adaptation to enducance training.

Evaluation of exercise test modalities.

Arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. Early detection and longitudional follow-up.

Heart valve desease and effetcs of valce surgery on ventricular function.


Eva Nylander's publications in DiVA

Eva Nylander
Name: Eva Nylander
Position: Professor of Clinical Physiology
Department: Department of Medical and Health Sciences
Division: Cardiovascular Medicine


E-mail: eva.nylander@lio.se

Visiting address:
University Hospital
Staircase B, floor 12
Campus US

Linkoping University
Clinical Physiology
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Department of Medical and Health Sciences

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