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Eva Arvidsson

  • Medical Adviser
  • Specialist in Family Medicine, PhD

Area of interest and work tasks

  • Family Medicine/ General Practice
  • Quality improvement
  • Priority setting in primary health care

Other work tasks

  • Research leader at Futurum, the health care academy, Jönköping
  • Development of a quality register for primary care, member of the  standing committee on quality improvement and patientsafety in The Swedish Association of General Practice and in European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice (EQuiP)


Ph.D. Thesis: Priority Setting and Rationing in Primary Health Care

Read about Eva's other publications in DiVA, Linköping University electronic press


Eva Arvidsson 2013

Name: Eva Arvidsson
Position: Medical Adviser
Department: Department of Medical and Health Sciences
Division: National Center for Priority Setting in Health Care
Research area: Priority setting in health care, health technology assessment

Doctor, Specialist in Family Medicine
MD, Linköping University 2013

Telephone: +46 70 337 15 66
E-mail: evaarv@gmail.com

Postal Adress:
Linköping University
Eva Arvidsson
Division of Health Care Analysis
Department of Medical and Health Sciences

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