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Mikael Rahmqvist

Research interests

  • Health economics, medical technology assessment
  • Methodology in surveys and epidemiology
  • Quality of Life instruments (QoL) and Self rated health

Current research projects

  • Patient safety in hospital care – Costs related to Healthcare-associated infections (HAI)
  • Chronic pain among elderly - QoL and health care consumption
  • Influenza among children – epidemiology and health care consumption

Work tasks

  • Research
  • Project manager


Mikaels publications: DiVA, Linköping University Publication Database

Doctoral Thesis: Health and health care monitoring in a period of considerable social change: surveys of a Swedish population during the 1990s

Most cited scientific paper: Rahmqvist, M. Patient satisfaction in relation to age, health status and other background factors: A model for comparisons of care units. 2001. International Journal for Quality in Health Care 13 (5) , pp. 385-390


Mikael Rahmqvist

Name: Mikael Rahmqvist
Position: Project manager
Department: Department of Medical and Health Sciences
Division: Centre for Medical Technology Assessment
Research area: Health economics

1982, Bachelor of art in the Behavioural Sciences
1985, Sociology, 60 p
2004, Ph.D in the subject area of Health and Society

Telephone: +46 13 285648
E-mail: mikael.rahmqvist@liu.se

Postal Address:
Linköping University
Mikael Rahmqvist
Center for Medical Technology Assessment
Division of Health Care Analysis
Department of Medical and Health Sciences

Visting Address:
Hälsans Hus
Entrance 15, floor 13
The University Hospital

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