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Kristin Zeiler

Research profile

My research examines how medical treatment, the use of new technology as well as experience of pain and illness can form our ways of engaging with others and the world and inform and form our self-understandings. I also examine how medical therapy, surgery and technology can be used to change one's body and life situation. I am particularly interested in ethical dimensions of the use of medical therapy, technology and surgery, and ethical dimensions of medical encounters and care work. Many of my research projects combine analytic moral philosophy with phenomenology of the body, and sometimes also with qualitative (mainly narrative) analysis and/or theological ethics.


Since July 2012, I am PI of the larger research programme Towards an Ethics of Bodily Giving and Sharing in Medicine. The programme consists of seven distinct projects that all examine philosophical and ethical aspects of different kinds of giving of one's body - such as live organ, tissue, gamete and blood donation as well as surrogate motherhood (when women give of their bodies as sites for embryos to grow) and participation in clinical research (where participants offer their bodies as sites for testing of new therapies and drugs). 


Previous research projects of mine have examined conceptions of personhood (and offered an analysis of an intercorporeal conception of personhood of particular relevance for dementia research), ethical aspects of organ donation, gender imbalance and organ donation, parents’ experiences of kidney donation and norms about ‘good’ parenthood, death definition pluralism in multicultural societies, bodily self-awareness in pain and pleasure, the interplay between cultural norms and individual agency, parents’ experiences of having a child born with so-called ambiguous sex and ethical aspects of reproductive technologies such as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and pre-implantation genetic screening.


My main research interests are found in areas such as medical ethics, phenomenology of the body, feminist philosophy and ethics, postcolonial theory and global ethics.




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Kristin Zeiler
Associate Professor of Ethics, special focus on Medical Ethics/
Pro Futura Scientia Fellow

Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies (SCAS)

Uppsala University

75238 Uppsala




Division of Health and Society
Department of Medical and Health Sciences
Campus US

Linköping University
581 83 Linköping


E-post: kristin.zeiler@liu.se


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