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Selected publications

Books and Special Issues in Peer-reviewed Journals

Zeiler, K., and Käll, L. Folkmarson. (editors) Feminist Phenomenology and Medicine. Author to the chapters 'Why Feminist Phenomenology and medicine?' co-written with Lisa F Käll and 'Sexed Embodiment in Atypical Pubertal Development: Intersubjectivity, Excorporation, and the Importance of Making Space for Difference' co-written with Lisa Guntram. SUNY Press, 2014.

Zeiler, K (guesteditor) Special Section: 'Doing' Sex and Feminist Theory. Feminist Theory 2013 14(1): 57-63.

Zeiler, K (guesteditor) Special Issue: Self, Identities and Medicine. Health Care Analysis 2009 17(2):95-99.

Zeiler, K. (guesteditor) Symposium: Genetics, Ethics and Identity. New Genetics and Society 2009:28:153-156.

Zeiler, K. Chosen Children. An empirical study and a conceptual analysis of moral aspects of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and germ-line gene therapy. Dissertation. Linköpings Universitet: Linköping, 2005.

Peer-reviewed articles

Zeiler, K. and Malmquist, A. Lesbian Shared Biological Motherhood: The Ethics of IVF with Reception of Oocytes from Partner. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy. 2014 Jan 7. [Epub ahead of print].

Zeiler, K. A Philosophical Defence of the Idea that Individuals Can Be Held in Personhood by Others: Intercorporeal Personhood in Dementia Care. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 17(1): 131-141.

Zeiler, K. Neither property right nor heroic gift, neither sacrifice nor aporia: the benefit of the theoretical lens of sharing in donation ethics. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy. 2013 Sep 19. [Epub ahead of print].

Zeiler, K. A Phenomenology of Excorporation, Bodily Alienation and Resistance. Rethinking Sexed and Racialized Embodiment. Hypatia. A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, 2013 28(1): 69-84.

Zeiler, K., Guntram, L. and A. Lennerling. Moral Tales of Parental Live Kidney Donation. A Parenthood Moral Imperative and Its Relevance for Parental Living Kidney Donors’ Decision-Making. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 2010: 13(3):225-236).

Zeiler, K. Teologi för livets slut: Om palliativ sedering. Svensk Teologisk Kvartalstidsskrift 2010: 86(1):22-28.

Malmqvist, E and K. Zeiler. Cultural Norms, the Phenomenology of Incorporation and the Experience of Having a Child Born with Ambiguous Sex. Social Theory and Practice, 2010: 36(1): 157-164.

Zeiler, K. A Phenomenological analysis of bodily self-awareness in pain and pleasure. On bodily dys-appearance and eu-appearance. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 2010: 13(4):333-342.

Zeiler, K and A. Wickström. Why do ‘we’ perform surgery on newborn intersexed children? The phenomenology of the parental experience of having a child with intersex anatomies. Feminist Theory, 2009:10(3):355-374.

Zeiler, K. Just Love in Living Organ Donation.Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 2009:12:323-331.

Zeiler, K. Deadly Pluralism? Why Death Concept, Death Definition, Death Criterion and Death Test Pluralism Should Be Allowed, Even Though It Evokes Some Problems. Bioethics 2009:23:450-459.

Zeiler, K. Ethics and Organ Transfer: A Merleau-Pontian Perspective. Health Care Analysis 2009:17(2):110-122.

Zeiler K. Self and Other in Global Bioethics. Critical Hermeneutics and the Example of Different Death Concepts. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 2009:12:137-145.

Zeiler, K; Furberg, L; Tufveson, G and Welin, S. The Ethics of Non-Heart-Beating-Donation: How New Technology Can Change the Ethical Landscape. Journal of Medical Ethics 2008; 34: 526-529. 

Zeiler, K. Rättrådig kärlek. En etik för kärleksrelationer. Svensk Teologisk Kvartalstidsskrift 2008; 84(3):127-133.

Zeiler, K. Shared Decision-Making, Gender and New Medical Technologies. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 2007 Sep;10(3):279-287.

Zeiler, K. Complexities in Reproductive Choice. Medical Professionals’ Attitudes to and Experiences of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. Human Fertility 2007 Sep;10(3):165-74.

Zeiler, K. Who Am I? When Do 'I' Become Another? A conceptial Exploration of Identities, Sameness and Differences, Gened and Genomes. Health Care Analysis 2007 Mar;15(1):25-32.

Zeiler, K. Reproductive Autonomous Choice - A Cherished Illusion? Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 2004;7(2):175-183.

Zeiler, K. Sweden, Stem cell Research and Ethics – Two Weaknesses of the Debate. Journal of Lutheran Ethics 2002; 2(2).

Chapters in Books

Zeiler, K. Bringing the lived body to medical ethics education: Learning to See the Suffering Other. Reconceiving Medical Ethics, edited by C. Cowley. London, Continuum Press, 2012: 44-55.

Zeiler, K. Weil. Filosofi och medicin, edited by Lennart Nordenfelt. Stockholm: Thales, 2012: 217-231.

Zeiler, K. With Levinas against Levinas: Steps Towards a Phenomenological Ethics of Bodily Giving in Medicine. The Body as Gift, Resource and Commodity: Exchanging Organ, Tissues and Cells in the 21st Century, edited by Martin Gunnarson and Fredrik Svenaeus. Studies in Practical Knowledge 6. Huddinge: Södertörn University, 2012.

Zeiler, K: Levinas och det kroppsliga givandets etik. Människa sedd: genom olika vetenskapliga prismor, edited by Matz Hammarström, Elisabeth Gerle och Peter Gärdenfors). Nora: Nya Doxa, 2011: 153-172.

Zeiler, K: Simone Weil - personen, det heliga och etiken. På Spaning (Red: Hanna Stenström). Stockholm, Verbum förlag, 2010.

Zeiler, K: Case. Parental living kidney donation. Teaching Ethics in Organ Transplantation and Tissue Donation - Cases and Movies, edited by S. Schicktanz, C. Wiesemann, S. Wöhlke, in cooperation with A Carmi UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. Göttingen: Göttingen University Press, 2010.

Zeiler, K: Gender and medical technologies: the case of living organ donation. Dynamics of Health and Welfare: texts and contexts. Dinámicas de Salud y Bienestar: textos y contextos, edited by Laurinda Abreu, Patrice Bourdelais, Teresa Ortiz-Gómez and Guillermo Palacios. Edicoes Colibri: Lisboa, 2007.

Zeiler, K. Gynaecologists and Geneticists as Storytellers - Disease, Choice and Normality as the Fabric of Narratives on Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. Medical Technologies and the Life-world. The Social Construction of Normality, edited by Olin Lauritzen, S., Hydén, L-C. London: Routledge, 2006.

Zeiler, K. Transgressive Technologies in Reproductive Medicine: Do they call for a revision of notions of health? Dimensions of Health and Health Promotion, edited by L Nordenfelt och P-E Liss. Amsterdam: Rodopi Publishers, 2003.

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