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Department of Medical and Health Sciences


Welcome to Department of Medical and Health Sciences

The Department of Medical and Health Sciences (IMH) is a fusion of different milieus representing disciplines ranging from research on the interaction of society and individual health, to experimental biomedical research. The department is organised in eight divisions with affiliation to three faculties of Linköping University, the Faculty of Health Sciences being the largest. We have also one division for administrative mangagement and support.


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News from IMH:

New method measures turbulence in the heart

Altered blood flow in the heart can lead to inefficient, unfavourable pumping of the blood. Using a new method, researchers at Linköping University have now been able to measure turbulent blood flow in the left ventricle of the heart.

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HELIX praised in new evaluation

Impressive research talents and experience. Interactive research of a quality rarely seen, and stable partnerships. Praises hails over HELIX in its last evaluation. Several researchers from IMH participates in HELIX.

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Diabetics feel better without breakfast

For persons with diabetes it is more favourable with one large meal a day rather than many smaller meals spread out during the day. This is the interpretaion of a new study at Linkoping University performed by Fredrik Nystrom at the Dpt of Medical and Health Sciences.

Lasse Jensen

Enzymes help blood vessels find their way

How does a blood vessel know where to go? an international team of scientists has grappled this issue with the help of transparent zebrafish. The new findings may partly explain how embryos develop and how cancerous tumors can grow.



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